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The people behind I Read This Week

Hi, my name is Abe Massry. I read a lot of articles, posts and blog posts online. I was looking for a way to share what I read, but every time I've tried to start a blog, I've never been able to keep up with the blog posts, until now.

I had the idea of a weekly post about everything that I was reading about, but I also didn't want to have pressure to publish an article every week, what I was looking for was more like a web log. A list of things that I read over the past week.

After creating this tool I found that it could be a replacement for a traditional blog engine as well.

I'm a programmer and web developer from New Jersey, USA and I can't wait to talk to you about what you've read about. Send me a message on twitter and let me know @abemassry. I look forward to talking with you.