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New Feature - Email to Blog Post

Now when you send an email to your special email address and start the subject with “blog: “ or “title: “ a title will be prepended to your blog post and it will become a midweek blog post.

After the email is sent the blog post will be immediately published and sent to your subscribers via email in a newsletter format.

The word “blog: “ or “title: “ including colon and optional space will be removed and everything that comes after it will be the title of your blog post.

So if the subject line of your email is “blog: Here are Seven Great ways to Write Better” then the title will be “Here are Seven Great ways to Write Better” and the body of the email will be the body of your blog post. It will then be published and sent out immediately to your subscribers.

This won’t be recorded in your weekly post and that will continue on as normal, accumulating emails and auto publishing once a week.


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