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How I Read This Week Works

Step 1: You Read an article on a website

You have thoughts on an article, or just want to share the link, or you're just looking for someplace to blog and write down your thoughts and share them with the world

Step 2: Send yourself an email

Sending yourself an email is extremely easy on Smartphones, Tablets, and other smart devices, you can also add a browser bookmarklet button to make the process even easier on a laptop/desktop (link to this on the profile page)

You can send the page and some thoughts on the page, just send the link, or write down other thoughts in general and it could be an article or post of your own creation

You get a personalized email address that ends in "" that you can use to send yourself an email

Step 3: Get a Reminder email

One of the hardest parts of a blog is remembering to blog, I Read This Week helps you out. Every Sunday afternoon you get a reminder email and you can log in and edit your post if you want to.

Every email that you sent yourself to your personalized address over the week is appended to the end of your post, by the end of the week you'll have a full post without much effort that other writing styles impose upon you. There's no pressure or stress to write an entire post every week, only edit the current post if you want to, or not and send it out as is

Step 4: The blog post is published

Without having to do anything, the blog post you've been adding to all week is published automatically every Monday morning like clockwork

Step 5: Profit

Get subscribers.

In return subscribers get a weekly newsletter in their inbox that has the same contents as the blog post you published

You get $4.45 a month and the ability to have an easy and effortless blogging experience, and you get to share what you read with the world

Subscribers pay $5 a month with $0.45 going to our payment processor Stripe and $0.10 going to email, dns hosting fees, etc.

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All posts are written in markdown, it's compatible with email clients, looks good in plain text, and is easily importable and exportable. Here is a good guide on getting started with markdown.

Custom Domains

You can use your own domain with I Read This Week.

  • Register your domain with a registrar such as Namecheap, Dnsimple, etc.
  • Create an A record DNS record and point the domain name to the IP address
  • Create a AAAA record DNS record and point the domain name to the IPv6 address 2600:3c03::f03c:92ff:fe44:e2d4
  • Wait a minute
  • Enter the domain name on the I Read This Week settings page
  • An https SSL (TLS) certificate will be applied for on your behalf through Let's Encrypt
  • Your domain will be accessible at in 10-45 seconds and your I Read This Week author page will be displayed
  • Subdomains are also supported if you wanted
  • This service is provided Free of charge, Enjoy!