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I built this blogging platform for HN readers


I Read This Week was built for HN readers. Based on articles you’ve all been posting about blogging, the content of those articles, and the HN comments; this site was built for you.

Uses no JavaScript

There is no javascript on this entire site except for one page by necessity.

Send email to create and append posts

Have a thought? Want to compose your entire post in an email? Found a webpage that you’d like to share or talk about? Send yourself an email to a personalized email address and it will show up as your next post. If you send yourself an email more than one time in the week all of the emails get appended to, for one post with all of your content for the week. You actually don’t even have to interact with the site at all past the initial signup, you can continue sending yourself emails.

All posts in markdown

Write markdown in email or in the textarea for this week’s upcoming post.

Auto publishes

At the beginning of the week (on Monday morning) a new post is automatically published with the previous week’s content and any subscribers get the blog post in an email right to their inbox.

Custom domains

Bring your custom domain, set your A and AAAA records and get a TLS cert provided by LetsEncrypt.

Send newsletter to subscribers, optional text only emails.

Subscribers subscribe directly to you and get the same content on your blog to their inbox, they are subscribing to support you, and have the option of HTML emails or plain text emails.

Includes an RSS feed

Every blog account gets an RSS feed


See how many people are reading your posts with custom built, yet very simple, non-javascript analytics on your profile page after you sign in.

Small but sustainable fee

Subscribers pay $5 a month to subscribe to you. You get $4.45. Stripe, our payment processor takes $0.45. We collect a small $0.10 fee (2%) each month from subscribers to maintain the service.

Export your posts.

Download a copy of all your data at anytime

Save your subscriber list

If a subscriber agrees to share their email address with you, you get to keep it. You can then save it and reach out to them individually, or make your own newsletter, even though we wouldn’t want to see you go, we want to give you the freedom of choosing to stay.

Small team open to feedback.

Have an idea for a feature? Let us know and we’ll start working on it.

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